Green Drops and PMI Labortechnik GmbH

Green Drops is part of the PMI Labortechnik GmbH, which has specialized in the production process of CBD oil. 

The aim of Green Drops is to provide high quality CBD products. More hemp products are continuously added to the Green Drops range.

I, Claude Haltiner, have been in the laboratory market for 18 years. Since March 2019, I have been the owner and managing director of the company PMI Labortechnik GmbH, based in Furttal, Canton Zurich. Due to the increasing demand and my own interest in CBD products, I have specialized in consulting and supporting hemp oil producers.

I, Mirjam Haltiner, thanks to my passion for health products and alternative medicine, can identify very well with the Green Drops brand. Together with my husband's technical knowledge of the manufacturing process and the equipment needed, we can combine our passions perfectly.

Newspaper article in the "Furttaler"

The local newspaper Furttaler contacted us to write an article about Green Drops. After a visit to us this article came in september.

To the article


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